‘Now is all that you have…’

I went to a funeral home once and saw this quote hanging on the wall at the front desk, ‘people sacrifice their health to gain wealth then give up their wealth to regain health’. My mentality was transformed by that profound thought. I’ve become so much more conscious of the practicality of it too…and I am saddened every time I see it around me.

People work 9 – 5 jobs then go on to the second at 7 – 10 in order to make ends meet, become rich and retire early, pay the mortgage or rent, you name it. We all have a reason to work and working is certainly important but where do we draw the line? is it worth all the things that we sacrifice. Without any scientific or philosophical research, I can confidently say that many relationships currently suffer because of people’s obsession with having a large quantity of paper namely money in their bank accounts.

It is truly distressing to grow up and realize how much easier it is to get a bag of rice of just about any food than a listening ear when the heart bleeds and the mind is in turmoil. What is it that we value in this very fragile thing called life? The money never keeps us warm when it gets cold outside, it might be there when the mind is overflowing with sorrow and there is so much pain…but does it ever listen? When will it ever be able to understand all that we experience and hug us when we feel so alone?

The only value money has is the one that we give to it. It doesn’t define who we are or how important we are so then, it pays to appreciate the people who we see today but might never hear laugh tomorrow. Nothing is wrong with enjoying the luxuries which money provide but at the end of the day it is people who will remember us and it is people who will use those green papers to bury us.

Live, laugh and love. Cherish each moment as they come, but be mindful of what it is that you cherish…is it the cold unfeeling piece of paper? Or will you chose the understanding mind and caring arms of those individuals around you?